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About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Ready, Set, Extract! Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Impacted wisdom teeth cannot erupt through the gums, causing them to get stuck in the jawbone or gums. If you’re dealing with an impacted wisdom tooth, you know how much it can affect your normal life. Not only is the pain a problem, but the difficulty of eating and drinking can complicate your daily routine.

In some cases, an impacted wisdom tooth can even lead to infection, swelling, and fever, which may require urgent medical attention. The impacted tooth can also cause damage to adjacent teeth, gums, and jawbone, leading to more complex dental issues in the long run.

Karrinyup Dental Centre offers wisdom teeth extraction in Karrinyup to help you ease the pain and get you back to your life. With years of experience in dentistry, our friendly team of dentists will help you manage your wisdom teeth problem quickly, comfortably, and virtually painlessly. We offer the latest technology in wisdom tooth removal to help you restore your healthy smile and enjoy improved dental health and oral function.

Dental Problems

The Wisdom in Wisdom Teeth Removal: How Extraction Can Address Dental Problems Before They Get Worse

Wisdom teeth removal can provide profound benefits for maintaining good oral health and preventing future dental problems.

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The Right Call: Identifying the Candidates
Who Benefit Most from Wisdom Teeth Extraction


Oral health issues

For those suffering from persistent oral health problems with their wisdom teeth, like cavities and gum disease, a professional wisdom teeth removal in Karrinyup can help safeguard your dental health. Gum disease and cavities can often result when impacted or misaligned molars fail to grow properly.


Overcrowded Teeth

If your mouth is too small to fit all of your pearly whites. In that case, wisdom teeth extraction in Karrinyup can help prevent misalignment by helping to prevent overcrowding and other dental problems that can be caused by crooked teeth, like gum disease and tooth decay.


Dental discomfort

If your wisdom teeth give you the blues, it may be time to consider extraction. Painful swelling and discomfort in the jaw, gums, or nearby teeth can all indicate an issue that needs a removal of wisdom teeth in Karrinyup.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

If your wisdom teeth can’t fully emerge from the gums due to impactions, they can cause pain and infection. Wisdom teeth removal in Karrinyup may help avoid discomfort while preserving nearby tooth structures. You can benefit significantly from a wisdom tooth extraction and maintain a beautiful smile.


Why Choose Karrinyup Dental Centre?

We are the right choice for oral health so you can keep smiling confidently.
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Personalised Treatment Plans

At Karrinyup Dental Centre, we understand that everyone’s dental needs are unique. That’s why our team of dental professionals provides personalised treatment plans for the removal of wisdom teeth in Karrinyup to support your individual smile goals.
Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

Years of Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

Our team of professional dentists has years of knowledge, skill, and experience in wisdom teeth extraction in Karrinyup that you can trust. Make an appointment today for the dental care needed to keep your smile healthy.
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Cutting-Edge Technology

At Karrinyup Dental Centre, we strive to offer quality dental services using our cutting-edge technology for wisdom tooth removal that is efficient and painless – leaving you with healthy teeth and a stunning smile.
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Our Payment

All health funds, Fund My Dental, SuperCare, the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, DVA Cardholders, and the Metropolitan Patients Dental Subsidy Scheme are accepted as forms of payment for our patients’ convenience.

By providing a wide range of payment options, we hope to make high-quality dental care available and accessible for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Check out our handy FAQs for more information on making the removal of wisdom teeth in Karrinyup smooth and easy.
  • Improved oral health:
    Removing wisdom teeth can prevent infected teeth and overcrowding of other teeth, leading to improved oral health.

  • Reduced pain and discomfort:
    Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain and swelling, leading to complications such as jaw stiffness, bad breath, and headaches. Extracting wisdom teeth can reduce these symptoms.

  • Reduced risk of disease:
    Having impacted wisdom teeth can increase the risk of certain conditions, such as gum disease and cavities, due to the hard-to-reach areas in the back of the mouth. Removing the teeth can decrease the risk of these dental diseases.

  • Improved facial appearance:
    Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to the misalignment of other teeth, which can negatively affect facial symmetry and lead to an uneven jawline. Extracting wisdom teeth can enhance your facial appearance and make you more confident.
  • Crowding:
    Wisdom teeth that come in can push other teeth out of alignment and cause overcrowding. Removing them can help restore your bite and make it easier to clean.

  • Impacted teeth:
    When your wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to erupt, they can get stuck in the jawbone or gums and cause severe pain. Removing them can relieve the pain and avoid further complications.

  • Cysts or tumours:
    Wisdom teeth can lead to the growth of cysts or tumours, so extracting them can help prevent these growths and further damage.

  • Infection:
    Wisdom teeth that grow at an angle can trap bacteria, causing infection. This infection can spread and affect other teeth, so extraction can help prevent it.
No, not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. It depends on the case and the health of the wisdom teeth. They can be assessed and monitored by a dentist to determine if they need to be extracted.

Yes, it is possible to have all your wisdom teeth removed simultaneously. Talking to your dentist to determine the dental treatment that fits your condition is essential.

Removing wisdom teeth is generally considered safe. However, as with any medical procedure, some potential risks and complications should be considered.

  • Infection:
    This can occur if bacteria enter the surgical site or the area around the teeth does not heal properly.

  • Dry socket:
    Dry socket occurs when the blood clot in the extraction site fails to form, exposing the underlying bone.

  • Damage to neighbouring teeth:
    It is possible to chip or damage nearby teeth during removal.

  • Nerve damage:
    Nerve damage can occur during the extraction, leading to tingling, pain, or numbness in the teeth, lips, tongue, or chin.

  • Bleeding:
    Bleeding is a common complication associated with wisdom tooth extraction.

  • Jaw pain:
    Jaw pain can occur after surgery due to the strain associated with opening the mouth wide and stretching the jaw muscles.

Your dentist at Karrinyup Dental Centre will discuss the potential risks and complications with you during your consultation so you can make an informed decision. They will also take the necessary precautions to minimise these risks.

Whether or not you need to have your wisdom teeth removed depends on various factors, such as their position, alignment, and whether they are causing any problems or not. In some cases, wisdom teeth can grow without causing any issues and may not need to be removed. However, if they are impacted, misaligned, or grow in at an angle, they can cause discomfort, pain, and even infection.
The recovery period after wisdom teeth removal varies from person to person but ranges from a few days to two weeks. You can recover from a simple extraction in three to four days, while a surgery for a wisdom tooth that is impacted or at an awkward angle can take up to two weeks to heal.

At Karrinyup Dental Centre, the price ranges from $250 to $450. However, the actual cost of your treatment may differ from this. Your unique oral health needs and any additional procedures required may influence the cost.

We encourage you to book an appointment with our experienced dental team to receive a personalised estimate tailored to your specific case.

It depends on the level of cover you have. Some health funds include wisdom teeth removal in their basic cover, while others require a higher level of cover to receive benefits for this procedure. It is important to review your health fund policy to determine what is covered and what out-of-pocket expenses you may be responsible for.

At Karrinyup Dental Centre, we can discuss with you the estimated cost of the procedure and help you explore any potential payment options.

It depends on the type of anaesthesia used, your preference, and your dentist’s recommendations. In some cases, local anaesthesia is used to numb the area around the tooth, and you remain awake during the procedure. This allows you to communicate with the dental team and be aware of what is happening during the extraction.

However, in some cases, you may feel more comfortable with general anaesthesia, which will put you to sleep during the procedure. Your dentist will review your medical history and evaluate the complexity of the extraction to help determine the best type of anaesthesia for your case.

With a numbing anaesthetic and sedation, you can relax knowing that wisdom teeth removal is painless with sleep dentistry. If you experience pain during your treatment, tell your dentist so they can help you by giving you more anaesthetic.
  • Ask your dentist what type of anaesthesia will be used during the procedure.

  • Talk to your dentist about any medications you may need before the procedure.Have someone who can drive you to and from the procedure.

  • Follow your dentist’s instructions for what to eat and drink before and after the procedure.

  • Prepare for discomfort after the procedure and plan to take it easy for the first few days.

  • Ask your dentist about any additional aftercare instructions.

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