Sleep Your Way to a Stunning Smile with Sleep Dentistry in Karrinyup

For nervous or anxious patients who may have difficulty with lengthy or complex procedures, our sleep dentistry at Karrinyup Dental Centre can be the way to go when undergoing treatment in complete relaxation and comfort.

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Discover the Power of Sleep Dentistry Procedures for a Stress-Free Dental Experience

Most patients find it hard to get dental work done because they’re anxious about pain.This is especially true if they need an extensive dental procedure or are getting dental work for the first time. Unfortunately, avoiding treatment can only worsen the problem.

But worry not! Sleep dentistry can help take the fear out of dental procedures. Using a sedative can help patients feel comfortable and prevent them from feeling any pain from the procedure.

Our sleep dentistry services at Karrinyup Dental Centre allow our patients to receive less stressful dental procedures. The highly trained dentists and staff will remain with you throughout the entire treatment process and provide close monitoring for your safety.

How Sleep Dentistry Is Revolutionising the Dental Industry

Relax your way to a healthy smile with our sleep dentistry services, and then wake up to the new you.

How Does It Work

Sleep dentistry is fundamentally revolutionising the dental industry by allowing dental professionals to administer medication that helps reduce extreme pain and keep the patient conscious yet relaxed during a dental procedure. It works by administering medication orally or through an injection, which produces effects that calm the nerves and reduce uneasiness.

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Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

Sedation dentistry offers advantages for both patients and dentists. Patients can remain calm in the dentist chair during the treatment, which prevents them from making unnecessary movements, resulting in fewer distractions for the dentist. Consequently, dentists can work better on the patient’s mouth and perform the procedure relatively faster.

Sedation Options

Dental sleep medicine in Karrinyup is changing how dentists care for patients. There are different sedation levels so that we can find a suitable sedation dentistry option for each person’s case. Types of sedation include nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and intravenous (IV) sedation.

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The Different Types of Patients
Who Benefit from Sleep Dentistry


Patients with Dental Anxiety or Fear

Sleep dentistry provides an opportunity for those with dental anxiety or fear to receive the necessary treatments in a caring environment. It enables these fearful patients to be put into a calm state to achieve improved oral health.


Patients with Special Needs

With sedation dentistry in Karrinyup, we can provide dental care and treatment for patients with special needs. The medication can help reduce their stress and uneasiness during dental visits. It can allow for a seamless treatment process.


Patients with a Low Pain Threshold

Sleep dentistry is especially beneficial to those with a low pain threshold or sensitivity to discomfort. By providing pain relief medication during the procedure, patients can benefit from having their necessary treatments without undue suffering.


Patients with a Strong Gag Reflex

A strong gag reflex can be an obstruction to the dentist while they are working in the oral cavity. Thankfully, there have been advancements in sleep dentistry that suppress the sensitive gag reflex. This makes it possible for patients to receive treatment, and dentists can operate on their mouths safely.

Why Choose Karrinyup Dental Centre?

Our dental clinic is modern and equipped with the latest advancements in sleep dentistry.
Why Choose Us

Skills and Experience

Dentists and staff at Karrinyup Dental Centre are well-versed in administering dental sleep medicine in Karrinyup. Our extensive experience has shaped our skills and knowledge so patients can trust our reliable dental clinic for compassionate care
Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

A Personalised Approach to Care

We design each personalised treatment plan considering our patients’ unique oral health needs and concerns. Our experienced team only provides honest recommendations in helping them choose the type of dental sleep medicine in Karrinyup that suits their individual case.
Why Choose Us

Advanced Technology and Equipment

Our cutting-edge technology and latest information allow us to offer dental treatments with great precision and minimal discomfort. Our sleep dentistry is backed by modern dental equipment for maximum efficiency.
Why Choose Us

Our Payment

Karrinyup Dental Centre prioritises promoting better oral health in the community by making sleep dentistry in Karrinyup more accessible. We formed partnerships with well-known financing companies to offer payment plan options.

The flexibility of our payment plans allows our patients to easily manage their dental needs and avoid delaying their required dental treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Sleep Dentistry

We understand that it can be a scary thought to go through a procedure while you are asleep, so we want to provide as much information as possible, keeping you comfortable and informed when making your decision.

The time it takes for the effects of dental sedation to wear off depends on the type you take. Let’s discuss each level of dental sedation:

  • Oral sedation:
    This is a moderate level of sedation dentistry in Karrinyup, which comes in the form of a pill. The effects of oral sedation may take anywhere from two to eight hours to subside, depending on the drug.

  • Nitrous oxide:
    Nitrous oxide, commonly known as ‘laughing gas’, is a light sedative that is administered through inhaling in a nose mask. Its effects can shortly dissipate within a few minutes when the nose mask comes off.

  • Intravenous (IV) sedation:
    IV sedation is administered through an injection and generally takes about 20 minutes before you become conscious. But it may take around 6 hours until all effects have worn off from your body and you are fully recovered.
You may fall asleep during dental sedation, but your dentist will consider conscious sedation first. Some levels of sedation dentistry in Karrinyup can make you drowsy or groggy enough to put you to sleep within 15 to 30 minutes.

It is advised that you refrain from eating for at least six hours before a sleep dentistry procedure. Generally, drinking clear liquids is allowed during this period. For safety and optimal results, consulting with your dentist about what is recommended for you personally is important. This should be based on the specific medication prescribed and the details of the procedure itself.

The effects of sedation dentistry can vary from patient to patient. While some may remain awake throughout the procedure, they still remember little of it afterwards due to the sedative effect they experienced. Even if the patient did not sleep during their appointment, memories might still be vague once the sedation wears off.

Here are some ways that might help you prepare before your treatment with sleep dentistry in Karrinyup:

  • Empty your stomach:
    We’ve mentioned before that, in most cases, dentists advise patients to avoid eating (especially hard meals) before the procedure. Which means refraining from food after midnight to empty your stomach. This is recommended to avoid feeling sick or nauseous.

  • Choose clothes wisely:
    We encourage you to wear comfortable clothes, such as loose-fitting clothes that are easy to move around in and not too tight or stiff.

  • Bring company to take you home:
    It’s wise to have someone to come along with you or arrange a ride home. It is particularly important because some dental sedation may take a couple of hours to wear off, and it may not be safe for you to drive yourself.

  • Take a rest for the day:
    After your sedation dentistry appointment, avoiding making plans for the rest of the day is important. Though mild sedation treatments will leave you alert and interactive, operating machinery or carrying out tasks that involve mental focus should be off-limits. Instead, use your day to spend time with relaxing activities or with your family and friends.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how much sleep dentistry costs. Several factors will determine the cost of your treatment, such as the type of sedation, associated dental facility fees, and the number of hours involved in the procedure.

On average, sleep dentistry in Karrinyup can range from $500 to $850. We encourage you to book an appointment to get detailed information on our sedation dentistry services and other dental treatments at Karrinyup Dental Centre.

Like any medical procedure, there are risks involved, so be sure to choose an experienced dentist who understands and can provide the necessary information about what risks, if any, are associated with using dental sedatives. Potential risks and side effects may include the following:

  • Drowsiness:
    Sedation dentistry relaxes all of your muscles to the point of a trance-like state so that you may feel lethargic or sluggish afterwards. This is a very common side effect after a dental procedure with dental sleep medicine, and many patients report that this feeling lasts long even after the treatment has ended. It is important to rest and allow your body time to recover fully to regain strength and energy after sedation.

  • Dry mouth:
    Certain sedation medications can cause a decrease in salivary flow.

  • Headache:
    These headaches can result from contractions in the facial and scalp muscles that take place due to the sedation, but they should subside as the recovery period begins.

  • Loss of memory about the procedure:
    You may enter a “twilight state” as you receive dental sedation, meaning you are unaware of your surroundings, which can make you less likely to remember the procedure. It is a common side effect of sleep dentistry, and you should not worry about it.

Depending on the type of sedation your dentist administers, you may need to wait at least 24 hours before getting behind the wheel. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan ahead and arrange for someone to drive you home from your appointment.

If you’ve only received nitrous oxide, you should be fine to drive back as soon as your dentistry session is completed. However, waiting until you fully recover before driving for the safety of yourself and others is still recommended.

If you’re undergoing a sleep dentistry procedure with intravenous sedation, your dentist and dental team will monitor your vitals closely. It involves monitoring your blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing.

They will take the necessary steps for your safety and comfort throughout the process. In this way, you can feel relaxed knowing that your health is always monitored.

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